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New product

Now you can order water OM in 9-liter volume



One bottle as a gift for the first delivery!

This offer is valid only for individuals, ordering from 2 bottles at the first delivery!



Changes in the price of 1 bottle

From January 16, 2017 the cost of a single bottle delivery increased by 10 lei



Free delivery of bottled water

Bottled water, coolers and suplimentary products with free delivery on the teritory of Republic of Moldova.



Now you can pay by card

Starting with the 1st of December, you can pay for your water delivery by card.



Water for children

Why water for children differs from normal water?



Sanitation of the equipment

Find out how often you need to sanitize the cooler!

Find out


Order water through app

Just 1 minute

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The required plumbing service of the equipment. Find ot why we strictly recomend it.

First delivery

What you need to know when you make your first order on our website.


The social group for children and their mothers – Me and mommy



10 jul
ОЛЕГ всё на 100 балов!!!
09 jul
Victor Burunsus În comanda pe care tocmai am plasat-o, cuvântul "Orade"a, a fi citit drept "ora". Autocorecția mai face și greșeli "din numele meu". Mulțumesc pentru înțelegere. Cu bine, Victor

Imagine that you want to rest and enjoy a cup of aromatic tea sitting in your favorite chair. Or you are going to prepare dinner for the beloved, that you have had missed during the day.  Or you simply need it when you are at home or in the office, and the drinking water has finished as usual at the wrong time.

ОМ water Free delivery- – the solution to all problems related to lack of drinking water.

  • Water ordering in Moldova   - it is simple and convenient.
  • Free delivery of water - – is advantageous, saving up to 30%.
  • Delivery of water and other goods saves time.
  • Pure water makes more flavorful food and hot drinks.
  • ОМ Drinking water is suitable for children from the first days of life.

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Children above 10 y.o.
Children fro 10 to 14 y.o.

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