Rusnac-MoldAqua is the largest company of bottling drinking water in Moldova.
Rusnac-MoldAqua distinguishes by a  completely new approach to service and product quality.
Unique services offered by Rusnac-MoldAqua are targeted primarily at those who want to use high-quality drinking water and strives to save your time.

Use our service "Drinking water for home and office," and the drinking water in your home and office will always be of a guaranteed quality, which can be used as a thirst quencher, and also for brewing tea, coffee and other drinks, as well as for the preparation of various dishes .

The quality of our product is guaranteed by an exceptional approach to the production process and a strict control over quality and safety of it.

Flexibility, loyalty, comfort, convenient delivery schedule, various promotions, special terms for loyal customers, a modern level of service - all these  point to a high quality service of water delivery for home and office, by Rusnac-MoldAqua.

Rusnac-MooldAqua owns two of the most modern laboratories,  based on the ISO 17025 certificate,  which continuously and uninterruptedly control the physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters of water. This allows us to ensure the absolute quality and safety of water.