1. It is easy

All you have to do - is to call at 14200 or make an order on the website.

2. It is convenient

Only once, cooperating  with the operator, set a convenient delivery schedule (day and time) and the amount of water per week. Afterwards , the operator will follow your order and organize delivery, letting   you know in advance.

3.Save time

Your order will be executed correctly and on time, regardless of where you are, thanks to our special delivery system. Delivery service will  bring fresh, pure drinking water in any part of your city, absolutely for FREE. Home, office or even at school.

 4.Save money

Purchasing OM drinking water in containers larger than 19L, but not in volume 1,5 l bottles in stores, you save on average 30% of your money. Also, calling the operator will help you find out how much money is spent on water per month. This means that you can, more effectively, manage your  financial resources.

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