Delivery and safety


Why drinking water OM does not give a precipitate when boiled?

Any water unless it is distilled, gives a precipitate on boiling. The value of this sludge depends on its content of minerals, meaning that noticeable precipitate is obtained at higher concentrations of minerals. Drinking water OM - water with a low mineral content (total salinity up to 300mg / m) and therefore, the precipitate is minimal. up

What are the main differences in the production of drinking water OM?

Rusnac-MoldAqua - the only company in Moldova, with its most innovative equipment from the world leader company R.Bardi. All production processes are controlled by modern laboratories that guarantee safety and high quality of water. Drinking water OM is a product made in accordance with the most stringent European standards. up

What are the main benefits of drinking water OM?

OM - a unique, perfectly clean and balanced drinking water.
     OM has an excellent taste.
     Perfect for tea, coffee and food, greatly improving their palatability.
     Recommended for children.


Where are the water sources of OM located?

The water sources are located in the North of Moldova, Floreshti, the unque ecological microzone. up

What sources is OM exctracted from?

The springs are located in the northern part of the Republic of Moldova - in Floresti area, in a unique natural micro-zone.

Water OM extracted from natural sources, located at a depth of 150 meters. Climbing up, the water passes through the natural filters, brimming with life forces and useful properties.


Why is water OM recommended for children?

For the production of water OM we use a unique technology of water treatment, specially designed by German experts. This technology allows you to adjust the composition of the water in such a way as to meet the stringent requirements of the drinking water consumed by children. Therefore, OM is recommended for children.



What is the difference between the water from OM and Populara?

Water Populara differs from water OM in:

     The production process.
     Water treatment.
     Chemical composition.
     Level of mineralization.



What is the difference between the water from OM and Familia Fericita?

     Familia Fericita is iodized water.
     The production process.
     Chemical composition.
     Taste qualities.


How to control the process of water production OM?

All of the processes are controlled in accordance with the existing legislation. Get familiar with the manufacturing process here.

Company Rusnac-MoldAqua is the only  producer in Moldova, which has two of the most modern laboratories certified to the latest standards of ISO 17025.


What is the quality of the primary materials used in the production of drinking water OM?

1.Rusnac-MoldAqua uses materials from the leading manufacturers in the world.
     2.Tanks  are made bt the global packaging industry leader -  Greif. All containers are made of polycarbonate.   
     3.Containers are made of polycarbonate

     Have high strength
     Weigh a little (85% lighter than glass)
     Resistant to temperatures
     Convenient to use and carry
     Does not affect the composition of the water, but protects it from external contaminants.

    1. Cork and the cap is an important component of protection against microbial contamination and leakage capacitance. It is made by a global manufacturer of plastic caps - by VikiPlast.


Why is it necessary to pay a deposit for the container?

The water tanks are the property of the company. Deposit for container is a container is a guarantee to the company for them to be returned. up

Why to sign a contract? Why do we need a copy of the passport?

Agreement is the a document that confirms the mandatory implementation of bilateral obligations. A copy of the passport is needed to confirm the identity with which the contract was concluded. up

What are the benefits of water delivery OM?

Water delivery OM gives you many benefits:

     saving of time
     saving forces
     Save up to 30% of cash compared to buying bottles of 1.5 liters


How important is monitoring the condition of the pump?

To avoid the accumulation of germs on the pump, it is recommended once a week to disassemble, thoroughly rinse and dry the pump. up

How can untimely and irregular maintenance of the equipment affect the water quality and the shelf life?

Delays in servicing equipment leads to proliferation of microbes on its surface. This threatens water quality and its safety. up

How to set the bottle on the cooler?

Wash hands thoroughly,
     Remove the container with a plastic bag,
     Wipe with a damp cloth around the neck,
     Remove from the neck the hygienic shrink cap,
     Remove the Sticker, close the valve,
     Vertically install the capacity on the needle of the cooler.


How to install the pump on the bottle?

When installing the pump on the bottle you must perform the following steps:

     Wash hands thoroughly, remove from the bottle the plastic bag,
     Wipe with a damp cloth around the neck,
     Remove from the neck the hygienic shrink cap,
     Remove the blue cap from the bottle,
     Insert the pump on the bottle and clockwise firmly tighten the pump.


Can storage conditions affect the water quality and shelf life?

Polycarbonate is a material that absorbs odors. Therefore, the bottle should be stored away from household chemicals and pronounced odor. Also, the bottle should be stored in a place protected from sunlight. up