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Family WBF-1000LA Gold floor cooler

Versatile and durable water cooler with a various number of advantages.

• Quiet and efficient compressor

• Innovative water heating system without any contact with the product

• Double protection of the heating element that prevents fire

• Hygienic filling - using stainless steel and antibacterial plastic

• Savings and durability

• Additional options: heating water to 95 degrees, separate switches for heating and cooling, allowing substantial energy savings

4800.00 MDL

  • Voltage 220V
  • Hot tank volume: 2 l
  • Cold tank volume: 4 l
  • Heating: 95o C
  • Cooling: 5-10o C
  • Cooling type: compresor (manufacturer LG)
  • Dimensions: 340 х 335 х 1020 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Color: white with gold

It is very important to choose the correct cooler. A cooler of unsatisfactory quality will not only serve the short term but may make the water unfit for consumption or dangerous to health!

The advantages of our dispensers:

Efficient, economic and noiseless cooling

Inside the dispensers the least noisy and saving compressor is installed that cools water quickly and with minimal electricity.

The innovative water heating system

The heating element installed on the exterior side of the container case is not in contact with the product as in devices of other manufacturers. This ensures operation without danger and sustainability for the heating element.

Double protection of the heating element

This mode provides protection to the dispenser against overheating and burning.

Special hygiene materials

The vessels for hot and cold water as well as connections are made of stainless steel, which prevents the reproduction of bacteria and facilitates the sanitary processing.
The front and top panels are made of special antibacterial ABS plastic.


Our dispensers do not pose any threat to ecology.


The lifetime of our dispensers is more than 15 years because sustainable corrosion resistant metal housing and other special materials are used in their production.

Additional options

Our dispensers have 2 additional options:

  • Water heating up to 95 degrees
  • Separate heating and cooling switches for considerable energy saving

Warranty period – 12 months

Replacement with a temporary dispenser during sanitary processing or repair

Choose the dispenser correctly!

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