Free delivery service of bottled water, water dispensers and additional
products across Moldova


By ordering water on our site, you will pay only for the product and nothing more!
  • You don’t pay for 19 liters
    You receive it as a gift with your first shipment
    if you order more than 2 bottles.
  • You don’t pay for bottles
    With the first order you leave deposit
    of 110 lei for every bottle
    which will be returned to you
    if you ever decide to leave our partnership
  • You don’t pay for delivery
    We will provide a free delivery
    of your water.
Order 2 bottles and 1 pump
and get 1 of the bottles for FREE!
Benefits of OM water.

  • It is naturally-occurring
  • Unique German technology
    of production
  • Constant quality control
  • Recommended for children
    from their first days of life.
  • Taste and flavor enhancement
    of your favorite foods and drinks
Advantages of delivery
  • Time saving
    You won’t waste your time on buying water anymore!
  • Energy saving
    You won’t have to carry heavy bottles from your store!
  • Tidy delivery and exceptional service
    Our shipping clerks in uniform and boot covers will deliver water right to your kitchen!
  • Delivery across the whole Republic of Moldova
    You won’t have to spend your time and money to drive across the country!
  • Mobility and Up to date technologies
    Order your water from any part of the country from our site or mobile app!
How to make your first order?
  • 1
    Leave your purchasing order by calling number 14200 our site or via mobile app
  • 2
    We will deliver your order at any time that is suitable for you and will bring it on your kitchen or room
  • 3
    You will be able to pay for your order with bank card or through terminal
  • 4
    Your personal manager will remind you to make a new order, if you need it
  • 5
    We will ensure security of your equipment with regular sanitation
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